Rowing Techniques You Must Know

Rowing Techniques You Must Know

Rowing is a physically and mentally demanding form of exercise. Rowing takes time, patience, and energy. It requires significant skill, coordination, and ability. This article will examine a variety of rowing techniques to maximize your odds of finding your personal technique, while working with the size of the boat.

One important tip is to always focus on the fact that you need to be rotating oars often, and focusing on working against the flat face of your oars. This is important because rowing can be quite physically demanding, you do not row with just your legs. This leads straight in to ways to maximize your full body’s potential, leaning into your strokes. Leaning in will remind you to pull completely back when a stroke is complete, engaging your whole body and increasing your power output overall. If you keep these tips in mind, it will be easy to establish a rhythm that will match the demands of your required rowing output.

Another thing to keep in mind is how many people will be rowing with you. The size of your boat will predetermine whether you are doing it all yourself or working on a team, both of which have their pros and cons. For example, working on a team requires cooperation on top of the ordinary tasks of rowing. In order to ensure your team runs smoothly you may want to pick some one to act as Cox. This person should be a good leader, easy to get along with, a clear communicator, and an insightful person. If every one knows where to look for instruction, then it is a lot easier for them to fall out of line.

The bottom line of rowing is rhythm. Regardless of what boat you own or who is on it with you, if you do not establish a steady rhythm you will not see success. By following the techniques listed above, you increase your chances of attaining that much sought after powerful rhythm.

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