Right Planning: Key To Successful Boat Building

Right Planning: Key To Successful Boat Building

I remember when I first developed a passion for boating. One of my friends stopped by for a visit in one of the best looking boats I’d ever seen. When I commented on it, I found out that he had actually built it himself.

I was hooked on the idea instantly. I had always loved woodworking, and I’ve found that completing projects gives me a thrill that few other experiences can provide.

Naturally, I had a lot to learn. My friend made sure that I understood that the most important thing about undertaking a project like this is to be careful when making (often purchasing) your plan. This can be particularly difficult to do because of the amount of plans available. Picking the wrong plan is a two-fold disaster, it will take from your wallet AND your time. This is why it is absolutely critical that when starting a project like this you do your research.

One of the first factors to consider when picking a plan is your current level of ability. There are a full range of plans available – ranking from beginners to experts in the woodworking field. Please be aware that building a boat is a unique project. Even if you have experience in woodworking, it can be a particular challenge. For this reason, I tend to recommend a beginners plan.

Another thing you need to research is the quality of instructions that you will be provided with. It is important to choose a good plan with clear instructions. Clear instructions will lay a project out in a detailed way, often going step-by-step, and make your work load a lot easier. The important thing to remember is that when picking a plan, you are making a commitment. Deviating from the plan can be disastrous, you must follow the plan that you pick – which is why picking correctly can be so critical.

A big question with projects like these can be financing, cost is a huge bottom line. One thing that I have always found helpful is to ensure that the plan that you have chosen provides you with a complete list of required materials. Having a completed list of materials right from the beginning helps you to make a more accurate cost assessment of the entire project, and will help you avoid unpleasant surprises later.

The final tip that I have for you is to make sure that you can see what you are building! A project with good pictures suggests a project with good instructions. The number one goal in researching before you buy is to make this project easier on you, pictures can help you understand the instructions.

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