Major Parts Of The Boat

Major Parts Of The Boat

Boat building involves a lot of different parts. Some people have compared boat building to origami, but the truth is that a real boat is a lot more complicated than a piece of paper could ever detail. Boat parts are carefully selected to ensure safety, here is a list of a few such parts:

  • Bow: This part makes the job of the hull easier. It is the point on the vessel that faces forward (when the boat is in use). Make sure it stops water from flooding the deck.
  • Bulkhead: Structurally supporting wall within the hull. Also used to create ‘rooms’ in a cabin.
  • Chines: The often overlooked long strips on hulls that change the direction of any spray that the boat produces as it moves through the water. Very sharply angled.
  • Deck: The ‘ceiling’ over the hull, the main floor of the boat (if more than one floor is there). Structurally supports the hull and creates space for people to use when working on a boat.
  • Gunwale: Historically the gunwale has referred to the spot wherein guns were leaned on older boats. It refers literally to the top edge of the boat (the ‘upper hull’).
  • Keel: The main factor in determining a ship’s turning ability (in sailboats it actually works against horizontal wind pressures). It is the key piece that stands out on the bottom of the ship.
  • Stem: An extension of the keel, located on the upper front level of the hull.
  • Keelson/Kelson: Fastened to the keel. It possesses a dual function: adding rigidity to the ship overall, and joining the hog and keel to the frames and floors of the boat.
  • Sheer: Curved shape on top of the hull that supports the other boards on the hull ends.
  • Rudder: Steering device (the blade on the back of the hull)
  • Stern: The back of the vessel is called the stern.
  • Transom: This is the part which carries the outboard motor. It refers specifically to the board at the hull’s end. It has also been associated with increased buoyancy and width at the stern.
  • Strake: Horizontal strip across the ship.

The above information gave you the general idea about the key parts of the boat.

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