Boat Rowing Safety Tips

Boat Rowing Safety Tips

Row boats may not be safe for extended or lengthy trips as many other boats but even for short trips; you have to keep in your mind a few essential tips which will keep you safe from the dangers. Although some boats can be faster than the row boats, but you may also enjoy row boats if you follow a few precautions and the basic rules. These rules will let you enjoy a safe tour and enjoy rowing on your own.

When you have made sure that your boat is secured and you have checked that the boat is in a proper and safe condition, you can have a look at the safety tips to ensure a safe and problem free tour.

Make sure you have kept a few life jackets in the boat for each boater. Every person in the boat should have his own wearable floatation device with him.

Always keep a repair kit in the boat for emergency reasons. The kit contains all those items which are needed for quick repairing. The items include an extra rope, glue, repair shield, duck tape and many essential items which are important for repairing purposes.

You must keep working lights in the boat. The non motorized boats should have flashlights or a lantern in them for emergency needs. You have to lighten them up in the night time so that other boats can see your boats or light and know there is something coming up even when you are miles away.

See if you have ropes in the boats to make sure your boat is having all those emergency items that can be used on the way. Every boat should keep a bow which should have stern line connected with it.

See the overall look and condition of boat and all of its interior or exterior parts if they are fine and in good working state. Look at the condition of boat’s floor if there are any rips or any problems.

Predict if weather is fine before you start your tour. You should consider the expected changes in the weather, air temperature and water flow so you can manage to keep your boat move consistently and avoid any disasters.

Keep sound devices to be used in case of any need or any emergency. You can have any sounding device which you can use for alerts. Keep your cell phones charged so you can stay in contact with someone when needed.

Now when you have started your tour, and you have made sure that everything is perfect and safe, you should try making your tour fun. When you feel safe, you can enjoy the journey without worrying about anything. There are some rules you must remember when you will be out on water in your boat. Here are those basic tips and the rules.

When you are on the boat, never stand straight on it. When you stand, the weight over it shifts due to which the boat might overturn and this can be troubling.

Avoid sitting at the side areas of boats. Sit on floors or on the seats of the boats.

Never feel exhausted when you are rowing.

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