Boat Categories

Boat Categories

A boat manufacture designs a boat if it is for racing in the likes of races it needs to light and narrow. For coastal or ocean rowing it needs to be four times heavier or the waves will flip you over. Also each boat is customized to people weight . If the person is over that weight gap the boat will start to crack since it is made of fiberglass. As you may see that there is to weight divisions which are light and heavy weight. The limit is 75 kg for light weights and anything more than 7 kg are heavy weight. Also in the bigger boats like the four, quadruples and eights can be either coxed or cox less. The x means sculling two oars and – is a sweep oar which is one oar.

So in racing there various types of boat catagories they are as follows:

M1xMens Single
LM1x Light Weight Mens Single
W1x Woman Single
LW1x Light Weight Womens Single
M2X Mens Double
LM2x Light Weight Mens Double
M2- Mens Pair
LM2- Light Weight Mens Pair
W2x Womens Double
LW2X Light Weight Womens Double
W2- Mens Pair
LW2- Light Weight Mens pair
M4X Mens Quadruple
LM4x Light Weight Quadruple
M4- Mens Four
LM4- Light Weight Mens Four

W4x Women Quadrouple
LW4x Light Weight Women Quadruple
W4- Woman Four
LW4- Light wight Women four
M8+ Mens Eight
W8+ Women Eight

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