My Very First Indor Race

My Very First Indor Race

A week ago I got a phone call from my trainer that I would be racing in the UK for both my club and country. I was over the moon to get the call. So I rang my mom and told her the news. The relised that my passport was out of date so I went thought the process to get it renued. All that week I was thinking that I woild not get the passport to race. I came that weekend to ack and meet my coach at a certain place and we would then travel to Birgimahm. So we arrive into Birghma late Saturday night and grap some food. While we are eatting we are going though the process of what to do. I went to bed thinking that tomorrow I will be racing for my country. This race is a yearly race that happens inthis area.

I woke up Sunday morning i was excatidc, pumpoed and ready kick ass. So we packed,up our gear and checked out of the hotel. The taxi rid over to the staduim every thought was pulsing thought my brain. Before I checked into the event and watched some races just to fel the energy and observe the methods of racing. I checked in and my race three races untilI was going to race.

A hlaf an hour later my coach comes bakc and tells me it is time. We walk together to the machine . I reach the machine sit down and he is adjusting the drag which is the restance of the rowing machine. He tells me now if you get four mintures for 1000 meter that is perfect. I say to me I want to get a faster time that four minutes. So I get into the postion to race. I hear the comintor announcne my event. I hear 3,2,1 go! I burst out of the blocks with a very fast and catch a 1,35 for the first 100 meters than I hear the distance being roared behind me. I hit 500 meters with adaraline and the lungs started hurting really bad but I know that I still had half of a race to go. So I hear just keep pushing you are doing really good. I hear the power of twenthy means that I was nearly done. I am nackewred and know that I still have to keep pushing so I gront to pick up the speed and power because I had three other guys hot on my heels. I hear the last 100 meters and he bellows give me 10 more hard strokes and I pull with every mite that I have still . I hit the finishing time. With a gap of seven seconds between myself and the other compteors. I was really close of having a heart attack since I had brought my heart rate to 205 which nearlly the max the heart can beat. My coach is concerned because my face is white as a ghost. I slowley come back to reality.

I hear this you came first and I said no way and he said yes. What was distance between me and the competors. SEVEN secons. I am over the moon. Then the commintor says 1. Aron O’Dowd, 2. , 3. . A fifteen minutes later the potium was announced and I go up to recive the medal and T-shirt was presented from Sir Steve Redgrave. I stand on the podium anfor a few seconds.

Later that day I ask my coach who Steve Redgrave? He answers that is a five time olympian in rowing. When I heard this it made my win more rewording when I hear that. I get changed and call home and tell them my fantastic news. I was announced on of the radio stations back in Ireland.

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